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5-7.4.15 (Recording sessions at St. George's, Bristol)

Finally, into the studio! Or rather the beautiful church that is St George’s in Bristol - a place we both know well and love recording in.


Although this recording was not quite like any either of us had done before.


Knowing we had 13 pieces to get down on tape was a pretty daunting task at the beginning of a 3 day session, so we weren’t exactly expecting a lot of time for relaxing. Then, having spent the best part of a morning working on getting the sound right with the opening piece, we tried a different one and realised that they are all so completely different, finding a one-sound-fits-all solution was going to be virtually impossible.


Cue sense of early despair.


Luckily though things started to improve, and we found ourselves really enjoying the process of recording pieces we felt we knew extremely well - and that nobody else knew at all. This really is the best of both worlds for a musician. We got ourselves into a real routine of playing, listening, playing, listening. With regular interruptions for eating in our favourite cafe just outside.


And watching the huge pile of pieces get gradually smaller was highly rewarding in itself.


My glock solo was a one-take wonder (although I demanded several more takes just to annoy Ash), and our wonderful triangle player, Elise, broke the world record for miles travelled divided by notes played.


Next stop…..Budapest!


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